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About Us

Hi, I am Cynthia and this is our story...

We have had a life long obsession with making and creating; obsessing with paint, clay, metals, dyes and fabrics.

Dawns' passion began in  the late 1950's, her trade back then was Ticketwriting. She then went onto Metalwork, Silversmithing, Painting, Pottery and Ceramics...

I have had a brush in my hand since I could walk (also, a very long time ago). Watching and absorbing all forms of art and craft that my mother, Dawn, and her crafty friends had to offer. My trade was Dressmaking

and Design and moved onto Ceramics, Painting and anything crafty.

John, (my other half) is the guy that you will hear whistling in the background; that likes to build, paint, renovate and restore anything he thinks is worthy of the job. He is a hands on 'do it' person that helps out where ever needed.

We have another business Studio Australia Ceramics which has been operating for over 20 years. Here we create handpainted ceramic bird and animal figurines. Most famous is our Cockatoo Lamp with our own bespoke lampshades and our sets of 3 flying birds for the wall. Pop over to the website and have a look.​

“We’re building a tradition one thoughtfully crafted product at a time.” – Shinola Detroit